Turkey in the First World War

Turgut Reis

Sources: (above) Ahmet Güleryüz collection; (middle) Donanma Mecmuası (courtesy of;
(below) Naval Museum Istanbul.

Tonnage: 10,060 tonnes
Length: 115.7 m.
Beam: 19.5 m.
Draught: 7.6 m.
Engines: 2 triple 3 cyl, 10,110 hp, Vulcan
Speed: 10 kts.
Armament: 4-280 mm L/40, Krupp
2-280 mm L/35, Krupp
6-88 mm L/35 quick firing guns, Krupp
3 torpedo tubes 450 mm, Schwartzkopf


* Launched on December 14, 1891.
* Commissioned by the German Navy on June 5, 1894, named SMS Weissenburg.
* Sold to the Turkish Navy in August 1910 and renamed Turgut Reis.
* Took part in the Balkan War.
* On February 18, 1915, Turgut Reis anchored off the coast in the Dardanelles to be used as a floating battery.
* On March 18, 1915, when the Allied fleet attempted to force the Dardanelles, Turgut Reis was anchored at Maydos. No action was taken.
* On April 25, 1915, Turgut Reis shelled the British landings in Gallipoli.
* On June 5, 1915, Turgut Reis returned to Istanbul after a shell exploded on deck. It was laid up at the Golden Horn until February 1918, when it assisted in Yavuz's salvage.
* Laid up at Istanbul on October 30, 1918.
* Used by the Turkish Navy as a stationary school ship betwen 1924-1933.
* Decommissioned in 1933 and turned into barrack vessel for dockyard workers.
* Scrapped in 1953.

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