Müstecip Onbaşı

Müstecip Onbaşı

Tonnage: Surface 390 tonnes; submerged 425 tonnes
Length: 44.9 m.
Beam: 3.9 m.
Draught: 3.6 m.
Engines: 2 diesel/electric motors, 600 hp, Sautter-Harlé
Speed: Surface 11 kts.; submerged 7 kts.
Armament: none.

  • Launched on August 3, 1908.
  • Commissioned by the French Navy as Turquoise.
  • On October 25, 1915, Turquoise was attacked by a Turkish patrol boat but managed to escape.
  • On October 30, 1915, the periscope of Turquoise was spotted by Turkish coastal batteries, which promptly opened fire. While manoeuvering, Turquoise first hit the bottom, then surfaced. The conning tower was immediately fired on and the crew of the submarine surrendered. Two days later Turquoise was salvaged by a Turkish tug and towed to Istanbul by the minelayer Nusrat.
  • Commissioned by the Turkish Navy as Müstecip Onbaşı, named after the corporal who scored the fatal hit against the French submarine.
  • After December 1915, Müstecip Onbaşı was used as a stationary battery charge vessel for German submarines.
  • Laid up at Istanbul on October 31, 1918.
  • Officially returned to the French government on July 1, 1919.
  • Broken up in 1921.

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Müstecip Onbaşı , oil painting by Haslet Soyöz, 2006

Corporal Müstecip Efendi,
who shot Turquoise