Turkey in the First World War

Enver Paşa's Order to Attack the Russian Fleet

On October 22, 1914, the Ottoman Minister of War, Enver Paşa, submitted an order to the commander-in-chief of the Ottoman Army, the German Admiral Wilhelm v. Souchon, to engage the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. Souchon, however, took the fleet directly to the Russian Black Se ports and bombarded them. With this attack, the Ottoman Empire was officially in war.


General Headquarters

Istanbul, 22.10.1914

to the Commander of the Fleet
Mr. Admiral Souchon

The Turkish fleet must achieve naval domination in the Black Sea.

Search for the Russian fleet, attack wherever you find it, without a declaration of war.


The writing below the text is the handwritten translation of the original by Hafız Hakkı Bey.

The original document is stored at the Turkish General Staff Military History archives. The facsimile was reproduced by Ali Kaşıyuğun in his unpublished doctoral dissertation, and achieved greater publicity through the efforts of Murat Bardakçı. / © Altay Atlı / this page is last updated on December 29, 2014